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K&S Sanitation Service Inc., has been serving the Charlotte area since 1986 and continues to focus on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

If your service is not paid through a management company of an association, and you are not under a contract, K&S does not offer this service to you. We are no longer offering this service to Individual residences.


When selecting a company for all of your garbage/trash/recycling needs, with any company that you select to do business with:

"Investigate Before You Invest"

A few services that you might want to know about us as we are always trying to keep our service at a high level of satisfaction to our customers:

Keeping our trucks and equipment well maintained on a regular basis to serve you.

Making sure our equipment does not leak on your streets.

Maintaining rollout carts in top notch working order.

Giving prompt replacement of damaged rollout carts.

Staying up to date on recycle product changes.

Our workers proudly wear clean, newly designed uniforms promoting high visibility for your easy identification and for their safety.

Providing customer service for your requests.

Providing customer service that will solve any and all problems for your garbage and recycle pick up needs.

Leaving your property the way we find it.

A company that can meet all of your sanitation needs.

K&S places great emphasis on their motto:

" Doing it the right way "



5702 General Industrial Drive

Charlotte, NC 28213

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